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Contributing to PlatON

PlatON is an open-source tech community collectively maintained and built by community contributors from around the world.

There are many ways to contribute to PlatON and bring real changes to the community, regardless of the field or level of your expertise.

Here are some tasks you can undertake and tips about how you can get started.

We accept all your contributions, even if what you want to do isn’t listed here. If you’re still unsure, create a GitHub Issue or post on the Forum to seek advice from our community.

Run a Validator#

PlatON is currently maintained by 201 validators and will expand to over 1,000 validators in the future.

Join the PlatON validator network to help maintain our security and further decentralize PlatON.

More About Running Validators

Stake Your LAT#

You can delegate your LAT to a PlatON validator to earn rewards and help protect PlatON.

More About Staking LAT

Code Programming#

PlatON is an open financial infrastructure with privacy-preserving computation at its core. Our vast project requires more than just a few core developers. We look forward to having more community developers help us write and maintain our code. Diving straight into development can be overwhelming; therefore, we introduced the “Help Wanted” tag for functionalities or bug fixes where you can help us. This is the best way for you to start contributing code.

Check Out Our Repository:

The PlatON community hosts bounty programs and hackathons from time to time. You can follow and participate in our events through the forum to help solve technical issues and earn cryptos!

Write Documentation#

As more codes, products, tools, and applications are added to PlatON, we need plenty of concise documents to help users understand and learn. We are looking for more people to help us write clear documents (including video tutorials) needed by PlatON projects or translate documents into your local language.

The PlatON documentation library is constantly being revised, and contributions are welcome.

Community Support and Education#

If you enjoy connecting with people, you can join PlatON’s chat and discussion community. Here, you can build connections with individuals who share your goals, help those in need, and jointly maintain a healthy and orderly community.

Current channels for communication and discussion primarily include: ,LatticeX Foundation GithubDiscordLatticeX ForumRedditTelegram

Specific contributions include but are not limited to:

  • Linking repeated questions and organizing problem tags.
  • Articulating open issues to drive discussions.
  • Helping answer questions about the project and responding to public questions. You can also organize meetups or events in your city to seek, train, and support developers and community members interested in PlatON.

Graphic Design#

You can tap into your artistic talents and graphic design skills to contribute to the community by designing logos, icons, banners, and other content. Your designs will enhance the project’s experience and aesthetics. You can also contribute to PlatON by designing websites and promotional materials or providing illustrations for our document guides.

Build Apps/Protocols#

You can build anything imaginable on PlatON or integrate existing applications with PlatON. Perhaps you will change the world.

If you’re unsure about something, join the chat and discussion forum to seek help and feedback. You can also apply for LatticeX Foundation’s developer grants ( to support your project.


There remain many unsolved problems in blockchain, privacy-preserving computation, and AI technologies. If you’re interested in a particular technical issue, join the community research group and contribute to PlatON. Your ideas might change the entire technological landscape.

Feel free to contact us via and tell us your areas of interest. We’ll help you engage in interesting and valuable work.