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Third-party wallets

As the wallet specific for PlatON and Alaya, ATON does not support multi-chain and functions are relatively simple. Therefore, we hope the community can provide more third-party wallets with rich features and user-friendly experience that support PlatON and Alaya network.

Following are third party wallets maintain and support by the community which able to transfer and store LAT on PlatON network, please research the security of them yourself before use, we listing the following information only for the convenience of downloading, it does not mean we responsible for the security of the wallet.

  • COBO Wallet-Cobo - Cobo wallet is a professional digital currency management wallet, it supports cloud wallet and HD wallet, it can store digital currencies of 40+ public chain including PlatON.

  • Math Plug-in Wallet - Math plug-in wallet supports PlatON main network and dev network, not only can support asset management, but also can be used as a development tool, and is also the Dapp application portal.

  • HashKey Me Wallet - HashKey Me wallet is a decentralized identity wallet that uses MPC, threshold signature and other technologies to provide users with a simple and secure experience of using a senseless private key, and currently supports a number of mainstream public chain digital assets including PlatON.